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Welcome to this section where you will discover all advantages of  Sea Freight services.
If Your intention is to achieve greater safety and speed in boarding and immediate deliveries, then, it makes sense to continue reading.
Opportunity is always to know new logistic solutions and useful strategies that will guide you to get better results.


If you are an Importer or Exporter, or Forwarder which is looking for a new Partnership, you can easily get all our support and you receive always the best of our consult.
How to better choose the type of transport, the shipping Companies and how to build the most suitable service at the time, able to fully meet your needs.
What will make the difference will be the programming, the rapid sequence of operations, the method and the skills you will have available.


If you really want to change something in your work and improve it, then you must do things never done before.
Continuing to work at the same way, doing the same things, the results will always be the same.
Like many companies, you too can achieve effective, practical and functional results and this will allow you to work and plan your work more serenely.


Services by Sea:

  • Containers 20 Box – 40 Box – 40 High Cube
  • Flat Racks, Platforms
  • Open Top Containers
  • RO-RO shipments
  • Containers Reefers
  • Garment on Hanging – GOH
  • Flexi Tank (liquid and bulk transport)
  • ISO Tank

Win-Sail International Logistics is structured in more than 60 countries worldwide and in all Italian Port and Airports.
Operates with greater success in the following sectors and product categories:

  • Clothing, Fashion
  • Fashion accessories
  • Chemical, Dangerous (DGR)
  • Fresh (Perishable)
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer electronics
  • Publishing Humanitarian and Charity Sector
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Building, Small and large buildings
  • Cosmetics,Wellness
  • Equipment Renewable Energy – Alternative
  • Toys
  • Project Cargo


In order to ensure excellent operational control and immediate responses, all the job is managed and coordinated by our headquarters.
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