Founder & CEO  WIN-SAIL INTERNATIONAL Sabato Gifuni

University student in law, in 1998 Sabato Gifuni begins the adventure in the world of work and abandons his career as a lawyer.

Recruited into a high-performance Airfreight operating unit (IATA agent) in a big  company, he began his professional career in international business.

He works closely with managers, professionals industries and well-known Italian companies in various sectors.

The dream comes, the goal and soon the results.
Establish a Company of international level, present in the main world countries, which deals with commercial development, innovative international services, both by sea and by air.

Win-Sail International was founded in 2008 with the main purpose of providing highly qualified Air and Sea services.
To help companies become more experienced in managing international transport and providing personalized consulting services.

Increase and enhance customer skills, develop greater awareness of services, research and develop strategies for constant improvement.
Sabato Gifuni is a father of two boys, Ferdinand and Marco, the reasons to be a good man, good father, good example.

He is dedicated to studies, reading, research, personal and professional improvement, that of his own collaborators.
He attended an International Master in Coaching High Performance with the best world Coaches, becoming Business & Life Coach and passionately attends professional courses all over the world.

As a Business Coach, offer services to Companies and promotes training courses.
Helps to improve the quality of work and Company communication guide Sabato Gifuni is passionately dedicated to Strategic Marketing and brand positioning.


He is a graduate of the NLP Master Business Practitioner, a Diploma conferred by Dr. Richard Bandler.
Is an Author of books that will be available in 2022 that deal with business strategies and personal growth.

Also is an Athlete, he completed in November 2017, the New York Marathon (km 42.19).

Has chosen a healthy lifestyle,  hence always aims new challenges and promotes a quality of life devoted to physical and mental wellness.
Sabato Gifuni collaborate with two Foundations in the humanitarian sector that save the children, build orphanages, furnish food, medical assistance for healthy growth as well as education.

If you have a scope, if you commit yourself, if you study, if you learn the right strategies and take action, you are in the right direction.

Sabato Gifuni

Ceo & Founder

Win-Sail International srl