Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services


Looking for a method to be more punctual in Air Freight Services?

Our main focus is to provide “qualified” Air Services and continuous advice that finally will have guided you constantly to improve your performance in Air Freights Forwarding.

You will find out which are the best Services that you use when you want to receive a high performance service for urgent shipments.
And you will know how to use to your advantage even low-cost flights, which realize a high potential, that is an excellent economic result with short transit-time. 

Competitiveness for us means using our experience to maintain an excellent level in Air Freight  Services, since we know how to generate savings and use it to increase the quality of Services provided.
Make the things in a simple way and functional, as everything seem difficult before to becomes easy.
Advantage of working with professional Partner is the millimeter planning of timing and costs.

A specialized Partner in Air Freight Services, helps you to keep your high reliability in the market and to gain more respect and prestige. Qualities and characteristics of successful Companies.
If you already have specific references or experience in the Cargo sector, then you will spend less time figuring out how to increase the level of skills that you already have.

Strategically everything is concentrated in one place and you don’t need dispersive communications or energy with various operators, since you will have one control center.
It’s the best practice especially relevant, since we know that most of our job is founded on fast communications and we want to keep our Clients and/or Agents, always up-dated.

In conclusion deciding to be part of a selected class,  you will receive a supreme assistance that has already helped other Companies to improve their business.



First Class – Direct and Consolidation

  • Top Service Win- H24
  • Fast Service Win- H36
  • Med Service Win- H48


Second Class – Direct and Consolidation

  • 4-5 days (from the main airports to delivery) – Average cost
  • 5-6 days (from the main airports to delivery) – Low average cost
  • 7-8 days (from the main airports to delivery) – Low cost

Regular services are very interesting when there is no particular urgency and you still want the certainty of well-defined transit times. Are useful when you need to contain the impact of the cost of air transport on the goods.


Operational Offices – Airports in Italy:

  • Milan – Malpensa ( MXP )
  • Rome – Fiumicino ( FCO )
  • Naples – Capodichino ( NAP )


We are waiting only to dedicate to you the best

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